Shibori Tea Towel - No. 10

Henrie Helen

Shibori Tea Towel - No. 10

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Traditional Japanese shibori dyed cotton tea towels to pizazz up your kitchen game. 

Measurements: 26” x 28”  100% Cotton, loop to hang. 

This tea towel is handmade by the Henrie Helen team at our studio. We made the dye bath, sourced 100% cotton materials, used rubber bands, popsicle sticks, rocks, math and a lot of origami folding to bring these beauties to you. We dyed our hands blue, splattered our faces, ruined some shoes but it was all worth it because these gems are a real work of art.  We strive to create one of a kind items that are savagely stylish and affordable. Custom pieces are available upon request. 

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